Friday, March 10, 2017

My Tangelo

Holding my tangelo in my left hand and trying to peel it with my other hand but I tried and tried but I couldn’t, thanks to my stubby nails.
A million years later, I finally peeled my tangelo with the help of a friend. I stared at my tangelo without its skin, it reminded me of a mandarin. I bit into my juicy tangelo as a bit of juice flies at my eye. I didn’t care though, it was too delicious to stop eating it. I kept eating it until it was gone.
I felt like crying because I had eaten all my tangelo. It was that delicious and I was that really that sad.
But thankfully, I got to have another one at lunch.

I was learning to improve my descriptive language and I think I did well. I was told we could do it any kind of structure as long as you add what it tasted like, looked like, feels like, sounds  like and what it smelled like. Next time I think I should try and use better words to describe the tangelo to make it more interesting for the reader

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