Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Our Draft Metaphor Poem

For the past couple days, Te Ngahere has been learning to use metaphors in our writing to describe ourselves. We could describe ourselves about anything but we had to have one or two reasons why we were that so the reader wouldn’t misinterpret what we were trying to say. I enjoyed comparing myself to things that I like and thinking about a reason why I thought that we were alike. I struggled with ideas at one point. Next time, I think I should work on putting more detail into my writing to make it more interesting, This is my first draft.

Saffyre is ...

Saffyre is a lion cub, small and vicious

Saffyre is a pineapple, wears a crown and sweet on the inside

Saffyre is a teacher, inspiring and helping others

Saffyre is a role model, helping and inspiring our school tukana

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