Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Descriptive Writing - Moment In Time

Last week in Te Ngahere, we have been doing descriptive writing about Te Ngahere.  WALT  use the correct structure to describe a moment in time. After we write everything down, we chose a learning buddy to check our writing. I think I did well at choosing descriptive and specific language. This is my first draft, enjoy!  

Beautiful leaves hang off light green branches of a Ponga Tree. Sunlight pierces through small gaps within the thick bushy leaves. The forest floor, overflowing with light brown leaves, softly crackling each step. Birds sing their unique, dazzling song, blessing your ears. Little skinks scampering around, trying to bend with the leaves. A dense and rough oak tree stood aside you. It’s branches appeared as if they could reach the heavens. The smell of damp bark lurks around your nostrils. Little rain droplets balance upon thin strips of grass.

The mystical forest on a forever stretch, shedding its beauty.

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