Friday, June 23, 2017

Beach Clean Up

I was learning to use the structure I have in my piece of writing, describing the beach clean up. I am proud of myself from sticking a lot of descriptive words into my writing and it still made sense. The structure in my writing is to make it seem like you did it by starting with “Remember” instead of saying “I remember” and summing it up by saying “That was summer”. I enjoyed thinking about how I could make my writing better and think how to improve my descriptive words while still making make sense. If I had the choice of doing all my work with this structure, I would say yes.

Strolling along the sticky, hot footpath looking for rubbish.
A cool, refreshing breeze of wind blowing past and gone in an instant.
Finding little shards of sharp glass hidden inside a bundle of dried-out seaweed.
Looking around for rubbish with your friends, only finding smoke butts and shiny shards of glass.
Finally, wandering back to the comforts of the air conditioner.
That Was Summer

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